Digitale Kommunikation trifft Analytics- Erkenntisse aus den Digital Communication Awards

Am Freitag, den 20. September, hatte ich die Ehre, Jurymitglied bei den Quadriga Digital Communication Awards zu sein. Das bedeutete, dass ich einen Tag mit anderen Menschen verbringen und die inspirierendsten digitalen Kommunikationsprojekte Europas hören konnte. Auf der After-Party baten mich einige Leute um Feedback und was sie beim nächsten Mal besser machen könnten. Hier Read more about Digitale Kommunikation trifft Analytics- Erkenntisse aus den Digital Communication Awards[…]

Data meets Communications – Insights from the Digital Communication Awards

On Friday September 20th, I had the honor of being a Jury member at Quadriga’s Digital Communication Awards. That meant I got to spend a day with other amazing people and listen to Europe’s most inspiring digital communications projects. At the after party some people asked me for feedback and what they could do better next Read more about Data meets Communications – Insights from the Digital Communication Awards[…]

Customer Segmentation: Rules-based vs. K-Means Clustering

Customer segmentation is a means by which you group customers into an identifiable category that you can use as a basis for analysis of a specific group of customers. Customer segmentation is useful for activities such as strategic planning, campaign planning & customer targeting, product analytics, planning customer communications, customer experience management, churn prediction, upselling, Read more about Customer Segmentation: Rules-based vs. K-Means Clustering[…]

Das D3M Labs Manifesto (auf Deutsch)

Mehr große Ideen Die Welt braucht mehr Visionäre mit großen Ideen. D3M Labs möchte diesen Visionären die Werkzeuge zur Verfügung stellen, die sie benötigen, um erfolgreich über die Grenzen des heutigen Normalbetriebs hinauszugehen. Fantasie gepaart mit mutigen Entscheidungen auf der Grundlage von Daten, die in großem Maßstab umgesetzt werden, können und werden Industrien, Wirtschaft und Read more about Das D3M Labs Manifesto (auf Deutsch)[…]

The D3M Labs Manifesto

More big ideas The world needs more visionaries with big ideas. D3M Labs wants to avail these visionaries the tools they need to successfully go beyond the bounds of the present-day normal. Imagination coupled with brave decisions powered by analytics, executed on scale can and does transform industries, economies and the world. Social networks, the Read more about The D3M Labs Manifesto[…]

Monetising your customer insights

The monetisation of customer relevancy through data-driven insights is essential for any successful marketing campaign in the digital economy. With the advent of social media, cloud computing, IoT and mobile applications, data sources and use cases for marketing and communications professionals are proliferating. Companies can collect data on customer preferences, attributes, actions and more to, Read more about Monetising your customer insights[…]

Using Data to Accelerate Lead Generation

Turning customer relevancy into revenue Do you want to take your marketing to the next level by using data? Elizabeth Press founder of D3M Labs  shared her experience on how to boost your marketing effectiveness through data-driven insights with Betahaus Academy in advance of their joint workshop  Marketing with Data Workshop. Here are some of her thoughts!   Monetizing customer relevancy Read more about Using Data to Accelerate Lead Generation[…]

Turning Big Data disillusionment into an opportunity for Data-as-a-Service Products

Following the hype, many organizations are frustrated at the lack of ROI and strategic value they are getting from their big data implementations. Read this blog Elizabeth Press published on Dataconomy for how disillusionment with big data is an opportunity for service providers.  

Creating your Data-as-a-Service customer

Data-as-a-Service can be described as a platform that enables an end user insight on demand. Given lack of resources and the rare combination of skillset necessary for an organization to create insight on demand and self-service advanced analytics, demand for data-as-a-service products is proliferating. Read this blog authored by Elizabeth Press on Dataconomy to find Read more about Creating your Data-as-a-Service customer[…]