April 10, 2016


“Disruptive technologies typically enable new markets to emerge.” 

– Clayton Christensen, The Innovator’s Dilemma

D3M works with you to focus your innovation and improve your competitiveness
How Long is Now

Innovation is constant. Organizations need to learn faster, adopt new technologies, processes and modes of thinking to survive. D3M Labs has a network of innovation partners around the world who will work with you to provoke thought and accelerate change.

We run corporate accelerators and advise clients on intrapreneurial initiatives in big data, smart manufacturing, modern marketing, FinTech and related topics:

Our approach has 3 steps:

1) Strategies & goals analysis: Corporate innovation starts with understanding the options available on the market, formulating your strategy and the right goals for you .

2) Scouting partners and selecting partners:  Every shared journey needs a good beginning. Our domain expertise and a rich network of partners will be put to use so that you  find the right partner for sustained impact.

3) Implementation & learning: This is where the transformation happens.  D3M knows what it takes to make analytics innovation your strategic advantage. We work with you to build that knowledge in house through our own expertise and  our network of  experts and innovation partners.

Do our services sound like they could help you fuel your digital innovation? Contact me at Elizabeth.Press@d3mlabs.com

Big Data is disrupting your industry. Analytics will be your next strategic advantage. Geoffrey Moore

Big Data, Industry 4.0, industrial internet, smart manufacturing, omni channel commerce and the digital transformation are mentioned often these days. D3M Labs understands how the technological advances in data, analytics and cloud computing that are behind the buzz words can empower your business models – and become more profitable.  D3M Labs works with you to build strong use cases, architect your teams and vendor landscape to create sustainable strategies.

Before you disrupt your industry, test it in our lab

Reformulate technology into business thinking.  D3M Labs and our innovation partners can test out your ideas, products, processes and new business models before full scale implementation.

Digitalization and the deluge of data and analytics are impacting your business.  We will work with you to formulate profitable use cases and build impactful analytics functions. Moreover, we will work with you and teach you to productize your analytics innovation quickly and continuously innovate.


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