Rise of Artificial Intelligence (published as part of the book „23 Innovations in Digital Communication“)

Artificial intelligence (AI) has attracted a large amount of buzz, however most individuals and organizations do not have a clear idea of what technology and capabilities AI entails. AI not a singular invention, but a future-oriented discipline within information technology that deals with the automation and intelligence enabled by machine learning. AI generally falls into Read more about Rise of Artificial Intelligence (published as part of the book „23 Innovations in Digital Communication“)[…]

The D3M Labs Manifesto

More big ideas The world needs more visionaries with big ideas. D3M Labs wants to avail these visionaries the tools they need to successfully go beyond the bounds of the present-day normal. Imagination coupled with brave decisions powered by analytics, executed on scale can and does transform industries, economies and the world. Social networks, the Read more about The D3M Labs Manifesto[…]

Julian and the robot- Next-gen user experience (UX) gets social

Today in 2019, Julian, a five year old from Berlin, had a social interaction that resembled a play-date with a Robot named Tim at the Deutsches Technikmuseum. Tim is a mobile service robot manufactured by the company MetraLabs. Tim has a laser range finder, a 3D-camera and a collision sensor. Users click on pictures to Read more about Julian and the robot- Next-gen user experience (UX) gets social[…]

Are you a shallow innovator? That’s ok, if you can execute

For the past 3 years, I have met a game changer on a weekly -even daily- basis, supposedly, if I were to take the pitches and the networking chit-chat literally. Too many pitches sound like this: We are the  (Uber, Tinder, Airbnb, Facebook, Google) of X industry and we will change the world. Berlin, Stockholm, Read more about Are you a shallow innovator? That’s ok, if you can execute[…]

Monetising your customer insights

The monetisation of customer relevancy through data-driven insights is essential for any successful marketing campaign in the digital economy. With the advent of social media, cloud computing, IoT and mobile applications, data sources and use cases for marketing and communications professionals are proliferating. Companies can collect data on customer preferences, attributes, actions and more to, Read more about Monetising your customer insights[…]

Seizing opportunities with Data-as-a-Service products

2017 was a year of opportunity for data-as-a-service (DaaS) products. Business intelligence has moved from the back office to the c-suite in many organizations and is now seen as a strategic must-have. Despite the euphoria around big data and business intelligence, many organizations face enormous challenges implementing analytics technologies and processes.  Read Elizabeth Press from Read more about Seizing opportunities with Data-as-a-Service products[…]

Eine Geschichte aus zwei Städten

Seitdem ich D3M Labs gegründet habe, habe ich zahlreiche Vorträge zum Thema Anwendungsfälle von Big Data und Entscheidungsfindung in Berlin und New York gehalten und auch Fragen von interessierten Zuhörern beantwortet. Obwohl ich häufig dieselben Folien in die jeweilige Sprache übersetzt benutzt habe, bekomme ich ganz andere Fragen gestellt. Die Fragen sind wirklich von Land Read more about Eine Geschichte aus zwei Städten[…]

Topography of a social media listening project

Social media monitoring has received a huge amount of attention in the past year following the explosive popularity of social media platforms coupled with the high-profile predictions in the US presidential elections. I have worked with numerous clients who wanted to build social media listening capabilities. This is an overview of what a social media listening project Read more about Topography of a social media listening project[…]

Using Data to Accelerate Lead Generation

Turning customer relevancy into revenue Do you want to take your marketing to the next level by using data? Elizabeth Press founder of D3M Labs  shared her experience on how to boost your marketing effectiveness through data-driven insights with Betahaus Academy in advance of their joint workshop  Marketing with Data Workshop. Here are some of her thoughts!   Monetizing customer relevancy Read more about Using Data to Accelerate Lead Generation[…]