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Building the bridge between strategy and analytics. Cultivate insight from data. Disrupt your industry with innovation.
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Strategic Vision & Opportunity

Understand disruptive dynamics and your evolving market, Formulate a strategic vision for business design

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Data-as-a-Service Products

Create innovative Data-as-a-Service products – for internal stakeholders and external customers. Cultivate your value proposition. Turn data into cash flow.

Organizational Transformation

Validate your go-to-market strategy. Architect your analytics function for impact. Build strong relationships with your stakeholders.

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Vendor Intelligence & Startup Scouting

Find the best vendor for your analytics function. Disrupt your industry finding the right startups for your innovative initiative or investment portfolio.


Manage your Decisions. Learn Faster. Stay Competitive.

D3M Labs empowers organizations to cultivate strategic advantages and monetize digital assets by creating and marketing digital products. Organizations D3M Labs has worked with include Mondelez, Betahaus, Accelerate Korea, IAV and global players in financial services and GovTech.

  • Digital is changing your industry. D3M Labs is plugged into innovators in BigData, Industry 4.0, Omni Channel Commerce and Fintech worldwide.

  • Designing and executing profitable big data use cases takes insight into your organization, your competitive environment, vendor ecosystem and market insight into what is working for blue chips, mid market players and startups. D3M Labs will guide you through each step.

  • Data is your next competitive advantage. We will help you define your innovation goals, find the right partners and transform your organization.

  • All great Data-as-a-Service products need implementation in the organizations. We help you validate your go-to-market strategy and manage the cultural change.

D3M Labs & Partners

Locally global. Top tier consulting insight. Blue chip sophistication. Startup agility. We enable you to disrupt your industry by cultivating insights.

Elizabeth Press

Elizabeth Press built up and managed business intelligence, predictive analytics and customer lifetime value functions in Germany and globally. She also worked in management consulting and comes with a background in both quantitative finance and buyer & seller-side due diligence. She has a BA in International Relations from Tufts University and an MSc in International Economics and Business from the Stockholm School of Economics.

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